The Journey  thus far

Build self-sustaining community

Jennifer A Zaft

Block 'n Tackle Community, Inc


Minority employee/community owned via profit sharing, neighborhood enhancements, and rent-to-own home ownership

Using REAL Food to Heal Bodies and Neighborhoods


Creating mutually beneficial relationships with domestic corporations, major sports and entertainment tours, and churches to strengthen and build up community health.


Majority employee/community owned - Home Health/Eldercare, food distributors, furniture manufacturers, restaurants -Keeping the money working at home

Founder and "Chief Instigator" Jennifer Zaft was originally inspired to change the "Race to the Bottom" paradigm while getting her B.A. in Economics from her beloved Wayne State University in Detroit, MI in the mid 1980's.  

There she saw that whenever an area began to get economically healthy, corporations would set up shops to pay minimum wage jobs and extract profits to "Wall Street," leaving scraps for the region.  She knew increased resident employee-ownership and profit sharing could change that as money moving around a neighborhood more would make it healthier.

She went on to get an (over-priced) M.A. in Economics at the University of Michigan, with a healthcare focus where she learned again about the upcoming devastation that diabetes, heart disease and other chronic conditions were going to wreak as America aged.

Being both a problem solver and multi-tasker, Jennifer decided to create core, Private Partner (minority-employee owned) businesses - Block 'n Tackle and Jazzed Munchies - to help people use food to heal and improve their quality of life>  

At the same time, she will locate these businesses in neglected inner city and rural neighborhoods to heal and strengthen communities.  She is pursuing grants to start majority Employee-Owned "co-op" businesses in the same area, creating economic health and self-sustenance - home health/eldercare, furniture manufacturing, food distribution.

She is also talking to leaders about building her template - "The Multiplier Engine that Could"- and spread it around failing urban and rural neighborhoods, creating both physical and economic health.


Building on and up strengths and timing with infrastructure, security, and transportation community improvements

2014 - Jazzed Munchies and Block 'n Tackle are born

‚Äč2015 - Jazzed Munchies are perfected as decadent desserts with 4g plant protein and 4g fibers (including soluble fibers) 

2016 - Parent company Block 'n Tackle, LLC develops transition program to help people change their food-fuel sources and thrive

2017 - Founder Jennifer A Zaft establishes profit sharing format for private and employee-owned co-op businesses aimed at creating more individual and community self-sufficiency