Jazzed Munchies is a DBA of Block 'n Tackle, LLC which helps people transition to a WFPB lifestyle that can manage and often reverse their chronic diseases while lowering medication needs.


We do this through education, seminars and by helping heal people with chronic conditions - Diabetes, heart disease, coronary artery disease, some cancers, obesity and even depression - transition to a Whole-Food Plant-Based lifestyle.

The sample menu is nutritionally dense, full of lasting energy and fuel that tunes up and cleans our internal engines.  

Recipients of this program lost large amounts of weight while MD visit lab results improved.

Make your food work FOR you

If Food is Love...

        then WFPB Jazzed Munchies is TRUE Love


The reciprocal of the Block 'n Tackle transition program, providing packaged WFPB solutions to Jazzed Munchies patrons - desserts, sandwiches, dinner dishes - all satisfying and made from low sugar, Whole Food Plants.



Block 'n Tackle Community, Inc

Using REAL Food to Heal Bodies and Neighborhoods

Many respected authorities backed by extensive epidemiology and replicable lab science conclusions, including T.​ Colin Campbell, Ph. D. in "The China Study," Dean Ornish M.D. who receives Medicare reimbursement for reversing heart disease, and many other reputable scientific and medical sources all agree.  

A low sugar, low oil, Whole-Food Plant-Based (WFPB) diet manages and has even reversed much heart disease, diabetes, early stage cancers, and other chronic conditions such as obesity.

These deductions have been confirmed by replicable lab animal experiments correlated strongly with multi-decade population studies of nutrition and illness patterns,