​​​Creating Options for Residents and Neighborhoods

  • Establish local employee and community-owned "co-op" suppliers to private businesses and governments

  • Build Money Markets for U.S. domestic public and private businesses

  • Encourage minority local employee-owned/profit sharing businesses such as Jazzed Munchies and Block 'n Tackle

Spreading Health and Wealth

Block 'n Tackle Community, Inc

Block 'n Tackle Community, Inc. is devoted to changing America's paradigm from "Slurp-Up Economics" (aka Trickle Down) to "Bottoms-Up Nourishment" both within our bodies and in our communities.

In spreading education and transition plans toward consumption of Whole Food Plant Based dishes, Block 'n Tackle Community, Inc. will also build self-sustaining communities.  

​These are neighborhoods where money generated from helping people's health stays in the community longer, working smarter for the residents.

Using REAL Food to Heal Bodies and Neighborhoods

Keeping money in the neighborhood


          health & Wealth management for the 90%

Founder Jennifer Zaft saw that whenever an area started to grow in her hometown of Detroit, huge corporate giants would come in and take the profits away instead of reinvesting into the community.

She also saw it was past time to take back our health from the Bad Food-Surgery-Drugs downward spiral, by spreading delicious, nourishing Whole Food Plant Based (WFPB) meals.  

  • Build community centers with links to schools, businesses and better transportation to give teens and adults options

  • Improve community aesthetics, transportation and security

  • Establish rent-to-own housing for local employees tied to profit sharing-vested ownership